2007 Bear Creek Fish Sampling (Count) Results

by Karen C.

In the fall of 2007, the Division of Wildlife again sampled Bear Creek for fish population. Eight stations were sampled, and ETU aided in the electrofishing as several of the locations.

Locations sampled were:
Lair O' The Bear Park
O'Fallon Park
Downtown Evergreen
Dedisse Park (above Keys on the Green)
Williams' Property (downstream from Mt. Evans SWA)

The results can be shown in many ways. Sampling procedures measure the weight and size, plus species, of fish.

Here are a few chart showing results in 2007 compared to the prior years. Click on any thumbnail to view the large-sized plot (opens in separate window). You can draw your own conclusions about the numbers. But it's clear that the Browns have not recovered, since 2002, at some of our favorite locations.

Adult Browns Adult Brown Trout Biomass shown by year
Rainbow Biomass All Rainbow Trout Biomass shown by year
Brown Average Biomass Average Brown Biomass per station per year
OFallon Biomass Biomass All Trout O'Fallon Park All Years
Lair Biomass Biomass All Trout Lair O' the Bear Park All Years