Fly of the Month: Pearl Jam

Created by Bob Dye, the Pearl Jam is a great fly in Cheesman, on the Blue, the Colorado, and other tailwaters.


Hook: Tiemco 2487 or Dai Riki 135, sizes 18-22
Thread: 8/0 white
Body: Sparkle braid (pearl, red, green) or Lagertun flat braid
Bead: Gun metal

Tying Instructions:

  1. Start by placing bead on the hook.
  2. Pearl Jam 
  3. Then wrap thread from the bead to the back of the hook.
  4. Pearl Jam 
  5. Pinch wrap the sparkle braid at the back of the hook.
  6. Pearl Jam 
  7. Send the thread back to the front of the hook behind the bead.
  9. Wrap the sparkle braid in even wraps to the back of the bead.
  10. Wrap thread over sparkle braid and trim excess.
  11. Whip finish and apply head cement.
  12. Use a lighter to clean up any stragglers.
  13. pearl jam fly


  • Fly was developed as a flashier buckskin.
  • Other variations include Apple Jam, Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam.
  • Very durable fly.
  • Great guide pattern.

Tied by Bob Dye. Photos by Tim Stechert