Fly of the Month: Diamond Pearl Teardrop

Our featured fly this month is a Bob Churchill creation he calls a Diamond Pearl Teardrop. He says it is a great cool weather fly that can be fished either dry, in the skim, or wet as a nymph, though he usually fishes it wet along with something such as a black beauty. He describes this as one of his favorites, especially on the South Platte and in “The Canyon”. The one you see here is tied using pearl sparkle wing (yes, it’s the same thing you use for those RS-IIs), but it can also be tied with other colors of braid, holographic floss, etc. Red and green are good alternatives to experiment with.

Hook: #18- 24 TMC 101 or 200R (I like the 200R because of the bend) A #22 is a great choice.
Thread: Black, 14 preferred
Head: Diamond or Mercury Bead
Body: Pearl Sparkle Wing fiber
Thorax: Peacock herl
Legs: Black hackle
Tying Instructions

Slip the bead onto the hook. Tie in the pearl fiber behind the bead and secure it to the shank with thread wraps, extending partly down the bend. This will give the body just a slight amount of thickness.

Now wrap the pearl fiber back toward the bead and tie off leaving a slight gap behind the bead.

In the gap, tie in three wraps of peacock herl to form the thorax and tie off. In front of the herl, tie in small black hackle and wrap just two or three times and tie off. Whip finish and you’re done.

A special thanks to Bob for his recommendation and the recipe. -John Haile

Diamond Pearl Teardrop