Evergreen Trout Unlimited participates in many projects involving Bear Creek and our local community. Among these recurring projects are:

Restoring and Improving Bear Creek
Organizing small to large projects to improve the habitat and fishery of our "home" stream
Bi-Annually cleaning the creekside and creek of debris
Monitoring Bear Creek
Collecting temperature data at several locations in the creek throughout the summer months
Preparing testimony and exhibits in an ongoing struggle to safeguard the stream's health under EPA and state regulations
Testifying before EPA and CO Water Quality Control Commission staff about the health of the stream
Aiding in fish counts with Colorado Division of Parks and WIldlife staff; preparing summaries of fishery numbers
Watching for poaching or rule violations
Teaching kids about trout and flyfishing
Participating at the Jefferson County Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab with fly-tying and flyfishing instruction
Partnering with the Colorado Division of Parks and WIldlife in Outdoor Skills Day programs in Evergreen and Conifer
Organizing kids' fishing camps at the Buchanan Rec Center and Ponds
Aiding with the children's fishing activity at Camp Comfort (a program of Mt. Evans Hospice)
Community and Member Outreach
Annual member picnic and community outreach at Buchanan Ponds
Chapter sponsored fishing and camp trips

datalogger cleanup crew 4th of July Evergreen Lake
Fly Tying Buchanan Ponds Knot tying